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Brown Butter Babes

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Bakery-style homemade cookies made with brown butter, chopped Dutch semi-sweet chocolate, chocolate chips, Maldon salt, local brown eggs, cane sugar, and Madagascar vanilla bean paste.

Shelf Life: 3 to 5 days recommended for best flavor. store in dry, cool space.

12 cookies included.

Orders can be placed until September 29, 2022. Customers will receive email with tracking information on October 3, 2022. Please check email after purchase to ensure it doesn’t get lost in spam folder! 

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is currently not available. We are not able to refund any orders the week of pickup. Abandoned orders will be available for pickup up to 12 hours after original pick-up time.

Shelf Life

Cookies are more enjoyable up to four to five days after purchase. Store in the refrigerator or freezer up to two weeks.