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Girls Meet Stove Cooking Party

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Join Chef Elle, better known as Elle, the Foodie for a virtual cooking party. Grocery and ingredient lists and instructions will be sent to all participants to create a hands-on experience. Virtual classes last up to 90 minutes. 

Feel free to ask questions, share your screen, and show off your meal at the end. Perfect for friend dates, date night, becoming comfortable in the kitchen, or just learning new recipes. Don't forget your cocktail or glass of wine!


Participants will receive an email with the live streaming link, and grocery & ingredients lists within 48 hours of ticket purchase.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is currently not available. We are not able to refund any orders the week of pickup. Abandoned orders will be available for pickup up to 12 hours after original pick-up time.

Shelf Life

Cookies are more enjoyable up to four to five days after purchase. Store in the refrigerator or freezer up to two weeks.